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Unifying Through Rugby: The Journey of Trust Rugby International and Simon's Inspiring Story

🚀 The Inception of Trust Rugby International 

Back in 2010, three brave souls – Jamie (Scotland), Michael, and Simon (Spain) - decided Scotland needed more than just bagpipes, haggis and paella. They founded Trust Rugby International (TRI) with a grand vision: to use rugby to unite individuals, communities, and cultures, fostering a spirit of inclusivity and unity. Simon, with his undying love for rugby and a heart bigger than his scrum cap, found the perfect stage in TRI. Over the years, TRI has tackled boundaries and crossed try lines in Spain, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand, all while promoting core values of inclusivity and teamwork. 

🏉 Simon's Early Rugby Days 

Simon's rugby saga began at 16 when he was thrown into an adult rugby match because, well, they needed someone who looked like they could demolish a forward. His imposing physique made him the natural choice, and from that moment, the rugby pitch became his second home. He transitioned from playing to coaching his local team and then to TRI, where he inspired and uplifted countless individuals. His Clan, the rugby community, has always been the heart of his life. 

🏟️ Family's Rugby Passion 

Beyond the tackles and tries, Simon cherished watching rugby games, a passion he passed on to his children. Every chance to visit Murrayfield for the autumn tests was seized with the enthusiasm of a line-out jump. The thrill of belting out "Flower of Scotland" in the stadium, alongside Simon's emotional connection to the anthem, became an annual highlight for his children. 

⭐️ Pursuit of Self-Improvement 

Simon's journey has been a continuous quest for self-improvement, spurred on by role models like the legendary Doddie Weir. Doddie, an international rugby player and a beacon of resilience, significantly influenced Simon's life. From following Doddie's career to supporting his battle against Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Simon's admiration only grew. In 2017, he witnessed Doddie launch his foundation and later walked with him in Rome to raise MND awareness, a moment etched in Simon's memory. 


💪 Simon's Battle with MND 

In 2020, the world was turned upside down by a pandemic, and Simon faced his own battle when diagnosed with MND. This life-altering diagnosis made him a fellow warrior in the fight against the disease, drawing strength from Doddie's courageous words. Though MND curtailed his visits to Murrayfield, a special family event in November allowed his children to attend a significant game. The match commemorated the 5th anniversary of the Doddie Weir Foundation, and they met Doddie himself, reinforcing his profound impact on their lives. 


🦒 The Doddie Weir Foundation 

The Doddie Weir Foundation, officially known as My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, has been a game-changer in raising awareness and funds for MND research. Founded by the indomitable Doddie Weir, the foundation's mission is to find a cure for MND and support those affected by the disease. Doddie's unwavering dedication has inspired many, including Simon, to advocate tirelessly for a cure. 


✈️ A Mission to Spain: Strengthening Bonds 

In honour of Simon's unwavering commitment to TRI and his love for rugby, funds raised will facilitate a Scottish team's trip to Spain, where Simon currently resides. This initiative aims to strengthen international rugby bonds, promote TRI's inclusive values, and foster cultural exchange. Players will engage in friendly matches, share best practices, and embody the spirit of unity and collaboration that TRI champions. 


🙏❤️ Gratitude to Doddie 

Simon's family holds immense gratitude for Doddie Weir and his family for their relentless efforts in raising MND awareness and funds. Doddie's legacy as the “Mad Giraffe” and his belief that “MND is not incurable, it’s underfunded” continues to inspire. Though Simon met Doddie briefly, the impact was profound, and his passing felt like the loss of a family member. Thank you, Doddie, Kathy, Hamish, Angus, and Ben, for your enduring contributions to the MND community. 


Join us in supporting TRI and honouring Simon's journey by promoting inclusivity, unity, and the relentless pursuit of a cure for MND.


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