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Unified through Rugby.

Experience inclusivity and unity on the field with our pioneering Unified Rugby®. 


Differences disappear, limiting assumptions are broken and unity prevails in this form of the game.

Embrace Unity

✅ Create a team where everyone belongs

✅ Foster belonging and inclusivity

✅ Unite players of all abilities


Empower Your Community

✅ Make a positive impact beyond the game

✅ Inspire social integration and diversity

✅ Build strong bonds and friendships

Start a team in your community

✅ Take the first step in starting your team

✅ Access resources and support from our global network

✅ Start spreading the joy of Unified Rugby

Ready to Start Your Unified Rugby Team?

With over 12 years of Unified Rugby expertise, we're here to support and guide you along the way.  

✔︎ Join a network of existing teams

✔︎ Get support + access resources to start 

✔︎ Collaborate with other unified teams

✔︎ and more

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