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Join Our Unified Rugby Community

Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about driving positive change through Unified Rugby.


Global Support Network

✅ Engage with fellow Unified Rugby advocates from around the world

✅ Share ideas, experiences, and best practices for developing Unified Rugby

✅ Receive support and guidance from a diverse community of coaches, players, and organisers


Collaborative Opportunities

✅ Explore collaboration opportunities and partnerships within the Unified Rugby community

✅ Discover new ways to work together towards common goals and initiatives

✅ Tap into the collective knowledge and expertise to amplify your impact

Stay Connected

✅ Access our Slack channel and WhatsApp group to stay connected with the community

✅ Receive updates, announcements, and relevant resources

✅ Be part of a supportive and inclusive community dedicated to advancing Unified Rugby worldwide

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Become part of a global community driving positive change through Unified Rugby.

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