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Navigating Sustainability in Rugby: An Overview of the Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas

Based on the triple layer (sustainable) business model canvas, the Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas serves as a condensed yet comprehensive tool for rugby clubs aiming to incorporate sustainability into their operations.

This framework is designed to assist clubs in obtaining a holistic overview of their impacts across various dimensions, promoting a balanced approach to managing environmental responsibilities, social contributions, and financial health. Below is a a succinct summary of what we’ve discussed.

The Canvas Explained

The Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas is crafted to guide rugby clubs through the intricacies of integrating sustainability into every facet of their operations. It encourages clubs to examine their value propositions, stakeholder relationships, operational activities, and the broader impact of their practices on society and the environment.

By focusing on areas such as environmental stewardship, community engagement, financial viability, and inclusive practices, the Canvas helps clubs align their day-to-day operations with broader sustainability goals.

Implementing the Canvas

Adopting the Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas is a step towards thoughtful reflection and action. It's not about overpromising but realistically assessing where a club stands in terms of sustainability and where it aims to be.

The journey involves setting clear, achievable goals, engaging the club community in sustainability initiatives, and adapting practices in response to ongoing learning and external changes. The process is iterative, with the aim of fostering continuous improvement rather than achieving perfection overnight.

Implementing the Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas is a journey, not a destination. It starts with a commitment from club leaders and members to embrace sustainability, inclusivity, and community engagement as core components of their identity.


The Sustainable Rugby Club Canvas offers rugby clubs a structured framework to navigate the path towards sustainability.

It underlines the importance of a holistic view, considering the environmental, social, and financial implications of club operations. By applying the Canvas, clubs can work towards sustainability in a balanced and integrated manner, contributing positively to their communities and setting an example within the sports world.

In this way, the Canvas is more than just a planning tool; it's a commitment to a future where rugby, and sport in general, plays a pivotal role in driving societal and environmental progress.

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