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Unifying the world through rugby.

Find practical resources and join a global community unifying individuals, communities and cultures through rugby.

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What we do

Unified Rugby®

A form of the game that brings together individuals with and without vulnerabilities to enjoy the game of rugby. 


Resource Hub

Explore our comprehensive resource hub, packed with tools and guidance for unified rugby development and beyond.

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Sustainable Rugby Club Toolkit

Dive into our Sustainable Rugby Club Toolkit, equipping clubs with actionable tactics for environmental and social responsibility.

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Support Network

Join our Support Network: Connect, create, and discover opportunities with like-minded individuals worldwide.


Tackling global issues through rugby

For over 12 years Trust Rugby International (TRI) has stood at the forefront of a movement aimed at promoting inclusivity, sustainability, and positive social change.


By harnessing the power of rugby, TRI unites individuals and communities worldwide to address pressing challenges and create a more equitable and compassionate world.


Diversity + Inclusion


Climate Crisis


and more

Are you using rugby for positive impact?

If you are a team, club, campaign, project, etc. using rugby as a way to create positive impact, then join our collective task force. Collaborate, network, learn, share and more

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